Final Considerations

As already mentioned, the necessity of a 3D acquisition of this work is aimed at bringing it back to light and awake curiosity in students, leading them to turn this work into a paper project, not only to replicate it, but also to be able to set it again.

Digitization, but above all the transformation into three-dimensional data has not been simple, requiring a large number of photographic acquisitions of the various parts and several months of graphic work on the computer, although the final result doesn't show the best: many parts that should be smooth appear jagged or pitted instead, and I tried to smooth out by launching the "Laplacian Smooth" filter during the processing of the model on MeshLab.

I decided to use VisualSFM for data processing because the aforementioned software is able to process large datasets even in detail and is a free tool that can be downloaded for free.

Regarding the description of the house and its history I have used the final draft that I wrote for the Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Heritage in November 2017, that you can read to get more information about the building and also find out which other inventions have been made by Annunzio (just click on the tag or write me at

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